The disadvantages of being in a cult

According to mental health counsellor and ex cult member Steven Hassan, there are four components of control employed by cults in order to influence their followers and they are; behaviour control, information control, thought control and emotional control. This is known as the BITE model and it is discussed in detail in Steven Hassan’s bookContinue reading “The disadvantages of being in a cult”

The benefits of being in a cult

Even though I mostly write about the dangers of being in a cult and the challenges that follow during the recovery process, I have to admit that I have personally benefited from looking at my cult experience objectively. In this blog post, I will reflect on the positives that I experienced in the cult, asContinue reading “The benefits of being in a cult”

Reasons why people join cults

Whenever I mention to people that I used to be in a cult, their reactions tend to be curiosity, empathy, pity or judgement. The latter might ask me how a person in their right mind would choose to join a cult. What they don’t realise is that anyone could become a victim of a cult.Continue reading “Reasons why people join cults”

It will hurt before it heals

  After a three year haitus, I have decided return to blogging. After leaving the organisation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, I had many scars that needed to healing before I could come back and continue to blog without any anger, bitterness and vindictiveness. I wanted to come back in more positive mind frame so I couldContinue reading “It will hurt before it heals”

The price of freedom

”Freedom always comes with a price .”  S.C Lewis When I decided to leave the Watchtower organisation a year ago, I underestimated just how deeply the consequences of my actions would affect every aspect of my life. It’s been a year filled with highs and lows of emotions, and everything in between. One of theContinue reading “The price of freedom”

Picking up the pieces

Nothing can ever prepare you for losing a mother. Prior to  losing my mom, I’d read some heart wrenching stories of people who’d experienced this, I’d read about it in religious publications and I’d written exams on it my psychology  studies. But when it actually happened to me, it’s almost like I experienced amnesia. OrContinue reading “Picking up the pieces”

What I love about Bangkok

Living in Bangkok has opened my eyes to many things. I’ve learned to just take things slow and not be too restricted by time. I’ve also learned  that even in a relatively peaceful country, underhanded activities such as prostitution and mafias do exist. It just reminded me that in life you will always encounter good and bad situations. WhetherContinue reading “What I love about Bangkok”